Excellent service

Would recommend Castle to anybody that has a problem with debt I had buried my head in the sand for so long that I could not see a way out of it until I talked to Castle who were more than happy to help and explain everything to me in so much detail.

I wish I would have done something months before. There is help out there.

Sam – Darwin, NT

Easy Process

Castle have made every step of the process easy to understand and more than happy to take the time to allay any concerns I had, everyone I have spoken to has been friendly courteous and professional. I am very glad I contacted them to help me.

Thomas – Perth, WA

Thank you

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank u and all your team u don’t know how grateful I am , I feel I will sleep at ease this evening thank you so much .

You are all wonderful at your job and have acted with great empathy and professionalism, I would urge anyone who is struggling and really mentally stressed with no way out to contact the team at Castle Debt Solutions they really have changed my life in a day !! Amazing people xxx

Sarah – Brisbane, QLD

Rock bottom

I had reached rock bottom not only with my finances but emotionally and couldn’t see a way out of essentially the darkness, I wasn’t sleeping and knew I had to do something so when I come across Castle I took the leap of faith and contacted them.

I was embarrassed and nervous about the process but really didn’t need to be! Everyone I spoke to and helped me were amazing, understanding and not judgemental what so ever! Wish I’d sort help before and can’t thank the team enough! After their help I felt the stress and strain just start falling away.

Salem – Belmore, NSW

Life saver!!

Castle Debt Solutions are a life saver.

It’s really as simple as that.

I was in a bad financial situation and I discovered their website and called them.

The very first thing they did was to calm my fears and they explained very clearly and precisely how they would help me.

They held my hand through the whole process. I was never on my own.

I will never be able to thank them enough and I would highly recommend Castle Debt Solutions to anyone who has unfortunately found themselves in a situation where they have been faced with an insurmountable amount of debt.

Kevin – Blacktown, NSW

Michelle – Mt Druitt

I recently got into financial difficulty and my debts were mounting up fast.

I could not see anyway out of my situation.

I found Castle Debt Solutions online and I called them.

From my very first phone call I was put at ease.

I literally felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Every person I spoke to were kind and sympathetic to my situation.

I saw the light at the end of then tunnel.

It was so easy and simple I just wish I had of did this months ago.

I can now sleep easy at night known by debts have been taking care of.

I would recommend Castle Debt Solutions to anyone in this situation they have been outstanding and I’m very grateful.